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Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Morning Report: Garden Ridge & Ingram Mall...

I broke one of my personal policies this morning by entering Garden Ridge Pottery anytime after Halloween. For some reason, they transform the place into the smell of cinnamon, and I just don't care for that, at all. But, my wife needed to look for something, so off we went; and I promise, I was prepared to wait outside if need be. But in fact, they must have reduced the cinnamon smell because it just wasn't all that bad.But if you plan to attempt Garden Ridge, you should know that shoppers seem to have trashed the place. My wife commented that everything looked as though it had been picked through. Seriously people, can't you look at something and then place it back on the shelf where it came from?Last night we took a drive around the neighborhood to show our dog Gracie the Christmas lights. I have noticed over the years an increase in the use of these fancy blow-up ornaments and huge globes and such. So standing in Garden Ridge, I witnessed some guy purchase one of these palm tree looking things with a built-in stereo system and flashing lights. It is actually cool; you can connect your iPod to it and play your favorite music. The problem was, it wasn't playing Christmas music at all - it was like a cruise to Jamaica or something and this redneck with a huge beer belly (bigger than mine, in fact) was attempting to do some sort of mambo train dance as his wife hurriedly pushed the shopping cart away from gawking onlookers and the one guy with a camera. Sorry, no footage.

But the point of it is, what happened to just a string of lights and a wreath on the door? Oh, who am I kidding? We have deer and other crap set out in our front yard too.

And if some deer and a big Texas outline that has flashing lights that spell out "Merry Christmas, Y'all" doesn't put you in the mood, surely this will get you going.
Oh, and attention Garden Ridge: It is Christmas season. Can we open up more than two cash registers?


So we had to run to Ingram Park Mall to find something at Kirkland's, but we got there before they opened up. We decided to walk around for a bit, and some lady snagged my wife to demonstrate some Russian style hair flatting device. Okay, I say Russian because they lady had a really thick Russian accent. Anyway, the lady starts messing with my wife's hair and she is being a good sport about it though she tried to walk away several times and was too polite to say, Get off me, bitch!
About the time I walk back up to them, I hear the lady telling my wife that the little straightening thing is regularly priced $352.00 but right now, she could let it go for $159.00. I nearly bust a gut trying to throw my laugh in a different direction. My wife was a little more pleasant simply saying, "Oh, hell no!" Seriously, if you saw this thing, you'd be sure it was the same thing they sell at Walgreen's for $19.99. I mean, our economy can't be so jacked-up if people will pay $159 much less $352 to straighten their hair.


We went in to Kirkland's, got the few items we needed then by chance went down to the Sears just to observe and report as needed.
I wonder if they really want you to walk down the blue line, then stand directly in front of the sign until called to the register. Apparently, the lady did not think so.


After a trip to HEB Plus, we thought we would try out the new Freddy's Frozen Custard place they built on Potranco Road near Highway 151. The place was packed, but we figured we would give it a shot.
Not so fast my friends. Apparently, they were just feeding each other because it still isn't open yet. Has anyone ever eaten at one of these places? I am assume it is a chain. What should I order? Tell me about it.


elcommandante said...

Not a big fan of Freddy's. Food is very bland to me and if you want something exotic on your burger, like tomatoes, you have to pay extra! Sonic is much better IMHO. The custard is good but mine if always runny. How can you serve something runny and call it a Concrete? I'd rather have a Blizzard any day. Very disappointed every time I've been there.

Dave said...

Very disappointed every time I've been there.

Saves me a trip! Thanks ;)

KeithAlanK said...

We didn't mind Freddy's steakburger and fries. Not great, but not bad.
The fries are really skinny so they're crisp.
But I never eat anywhere that's newly opened--give them a few weeks to get up to speed.

Albatross said...

So, did you buy the singing outhouse?


Dave said...

So, did you buy the singing outhouse?

Yes. Of course!

Rich said...

Freddy's is OK for a quick lunch. We have one over our way at the Forum. I compare their french fries to those that you can get at Steak and Shake. Burgers are sorta that way too. Give it a whirl sometime. It will make the Lord's Kitchen that much better next time. Thanks for the tip by the way on the Lord's Kitchen. Good eats!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I should have the singing outhouse too! I'm in WV. We're kinda known for being outhouse using hillbillies (not true - most of the population have indoor plumbing).

Roxanne said...

So it seems this place is a wanna-be Stake and Shake. the #6 seems to be the safest choise, SteakBurger Califonia Style. Mom thought this place was similar to the Northern favorite "Friendly's" but after looking at the menu... it's not.

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