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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bath and Body Works Report: $165.00, really?

So we had to head over to the Alamo Quarry Market earlier today and ran into the Bath and Body Works there. Yea, there is one closer to our jurisdiction, but sometimes we need to get out of the hood and see how the other half lives.Oh, here is an interesting note: Apparently, I'm the only husband who had to go into this place with my wife. And the place was packed with Alamo Heights type grandmothers, mothers and daughters, and well, my wife and I. I suggested that I go stand in line from the minute we arrived, but my wife was having none of that, so I walked around and generally looked out of place.So my wife likes to buy all this stuff during the holiday season while they have everything on sale. Then, we don't have to go back for another year. I suppose it makes sense. Throw in a few gifts and now the bag is starting to weigh about 35 pounds. How possibly clean do we need to get?My wife had warned me that she was going to spend a few dollars in the place, but really, when the people rang up all of our crap, I kid you not, the register said something like $245.00! For that much money, they need to send over one of the workers in black leather aprons to my house and bathe me in person!

In the end, after they added in all those supposed discounts and such, the bill was down to a much more acceptable $165, and then they threw in a box of assorted lotions. By the time we got home, my wife was sure they had overcharged us at least $10.00. Ten dollars? Is that it? I admit, I do like the feel and the smell of this vanilla hand soap we buy, but really, I think being Zestfully Clean is a whole lot cheaper.

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