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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

You Make the Call...

My wife and I stopped in to the Salvation Army store by our neighborhood to look for a computer chair. Not so much a chair that is a computer, but a chair to sit on while using the computer. We have a regular office chair for the computer in the office, but we needed one to use for our laptop upstairs. None of this information is relevant to the story, other than the fact that we were at the Salvation Army store.

So, upon quickly not finding the required computer chair, we made one quick check of the section that has all sorts of odds & ends. You can find an old TV, a deck of playing cards (though not all 52 may be there), or perhaps an ashtray suitable for gift giving. If we're the type of people who will look through people's junk in front of them at a garage sale, why not check it out once they have already donated it?

Anyway, this one little ornament caught my eye which resulted in a slight giggle. My wife looked at me like I was nuts. The item was one of those wind up ceramic things that turns in a circle and music comes from it, similar to a music box. Though I didn't wind it up to test it, I can only assume the song was YMCA or perhaps, In the Navy. By the way, I am particularly good at singing both those songs on Karaoke Night.

Anyway. What my wife saw in this little figurine was a loving grandfather getting a hug from his grandson who was obviously picking him up from the old folks home to take him for an afternoon out at Luby's; perhaps the Luann Platter and some coffee afterward.
What I saw was a wedding cake topper.

You make the call. All I know is, I'm going back and if it is still there, I'm going to purchase that little gem.

Oh, and we ended up purchasing a new chair from Office Depot for $20.00. It is pretty cheap in design but at least we won't have anyone else's ass-sweat on it.


The other night I was flipping through the channels on TV and by chance encountered some sort of concert performance by Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister. You remember Twisted Sister - they had the video that had the teacher pulling the kid by his ear and the teacher was the guy who played Niedermeyer on Animal House?
So I know that as people get older, they tend to gain a little weight. But really, don't people who do live rock concerts get a whole lot of exercise moving around on the stage night after night?

I'm reminded of my Uncle Buzzy who saw me for the first time after I had been in the military for several years, then married with children. I had "grown" significantly. He said, "David, what are they feeding you in Texas?"

Perhaps this guy has found my wife's enchiladas.


Finally, while I am tossing out random notes:

My wife and I passed this car the other day that had an interesting sticker on the back window. I may have mentioned it before, but I have a full collection of pictures I have taken of stickers over the last year or more. I don't know why, but I just need to take the picture when I see something affixed to a car that significantly personalizes the vehicle while lowering the trade-in value.
Anyway, the funny thing about this one was that it was a family car and they had two little girls strapped into car seats in the back. You know what that's called, right? A retirement plan!

Thank you; I'll be here all week.


Anonymous said...

Wedding cake topper. Perhaps it is a souvenir from San Fransisco...

Evil Twin's Wife said...

You need that statue. Random weirdness in the house is always welcome!

Jeff said...

The blimp playing guitar is a perfect example of caloric intake vastly exceeding caloric burn from exercise. Or a rectal orifice clogged shut ...

Similar bloat can be noted on David Crosby of CSN&Y and Pat DiNizio of Smithereens. It's really rather sad.

Related historical minutea: a local radio talk show host was discussing excess baggage with a woman caller. She gave the oft used excuse of having a glandular problem. Not missing a beat, the show host countered, "Lady - the mouth is not a gland."

Cindy F. said...

ROFLMAF!!! Thanks for making me laugh...a lot!!

Dave said...

You need that statue.

Apparently, so did someone else. I went back after work today and it was gone. I asked a lady about it and she said that it had been sold and I was the third person to ask about it. She got quite a laugh out of the interest in it.

Oh well.

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