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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dinner Report: Clear Springs...

You already know how I feel about Clear Springs Restaurant; I love the place and am a big fan of the catfish there.You'll like the stuffed animals inside. I looked up from the table and saw this duck and kept thinking of Gilbert Gottfried yelling AFLAC! That could make you ask for a different table.

So my daughter does not eat fish (something about owning a fish tank and not possibly being able to eat one of her friends), but she could not wait to get to Clear Springs for the burger.I wouldn't know. When I go to CS, I have one thing on my mind and that is the catfish. This is what a pound of it looks like.My son went with the Mahi Mahi, or in this case we joked, just the Mahi since it was only one piece.Anyway, we gorged ourselves something fierce and even though I didn't eat the whole pound of fish, my son and son-in-law stepped up to help finish things off. We ate so much that this is what we all looked like afterward! Such a precious little girl.If you haven't tried it, Clear Springs is some good eats!

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Happy New Year also. Love the Red Sox shirt. Go Sox.

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