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Friday, December 12, 2008

Hot Chocolate Social Report: It's All About Santa, Baby...

Can you tell we are getting closer to Christmas?If it wasn’t the snow just north of us and freezing temperatures experienced this week that gave it away, the line of excited children and their parents all waiting patiently to get a moment on Santa’s lap was evidence enough that the Holiday season is here.Along with several neighbors enjoying the company of hundreds of Great Northwest residents, my wife and I attended the Hot Chocolate Social at the Lodge of the Great Northwest on Thursday evening. We attended briefly last year just to see what it was all about and honestly, did not recall seeing as many people waiting to see Santa.

For those older kids not requiring some personal time with Santa to deliver a specific list of desired Christmas presents, the lodge was equipped with tables to observe the action from. Meanwhile, the staff and volunteers served tummy-warming hot chocolate and tummy-expanding cookies.

As the eager crowd waited their turns with Santa, they were entertained by The Great Northwest Sounds who performed a series of memorable holiday standards. The festive tunes were met with enthusiastic appreciation from the audience.

During a break in the performance, a Sounds duet gave a wonderful treatment of the classic, Santa Baby which drew great applause from the festive crowd.

Later, the Great Northwest “High Steppers” gave us a demonstration in line dancing, showing off their skills to “Boot Scoot'n’ Boogie” and “New York, New York”. They were having so much fun, some audience members joined in the dancing! (Picture of Line Dancers)Aside from the delightful entertainment, most of the younger crowd had their eyes set on a single goal; getting that moment with Santa and having the pictures taken as proof!

Funny, this young lady apparently didn’t want to wait in line for Santa, so she found a lap of her own to sit on!

The Annual Hot Chocolate Social; another reason we love living in the Great Northwest.

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