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Friday, December 19, 2008

Lunch Report: Freddy's Frozen Custard...

Oh come on, you didn't think all that talk about a tread mill was going to make me seek out and eat at healthy restaurants did you?And since we had to eat anyway, we stopped into the new Freddy's Frozen Custard over on Potranco at 151, in spite of well intended warnings. Oh, and this time it was actually open for business.We had sort of an inkling that Freddy's might be a little like a Steak 'n' Shake, and sure enough, the burgers and the fries were along the same design. The place was clean, staff was plentiful, and in spite of going in during the lunch hour, we ordered and got the vittles lickity split.As we were sitting in there, it was pretty obvious how the owners came up with the location for this place. There were students from both Warren High School and John Paul Stevens High School which are really only a mile apart as the crow flies, with Freddy's in the middle. I predict this place will be packed with pimply faced teenagers all the time.I ordered the #4, Freddy's Single Steakburger and a Hot Dog with regular fries. Let's talk about these fries. They are really skinny. Even if they taste good, chances are, they won't stay hot very long, just because they are so skinny. And they were way too salty. Some cook back in the kitchen is going to get high blood pressure if he eats his food anywhere close to the way he serves his fries. But I know some people like them that way.The hot dog was okay. I liked the way that they toast the hot dog bun, and I also liked that the bun was not like the regular one you buy at HEB. It was cut short, and it was sort of square on the sides. The hot dog itself was okay, but if it was me, I would have boiled it for several minutes longer. I know, hot dogs are already cooked when you buy the package, but really, considering what they are made of, I feel a little more comfortable when they boil the animal piss, lips, gizzards and fecal matter out of them before serving. I guess I'm sort of weird like that. Finally, the steakburger. If you are going to a place like this or Sonic or McDonald's for a quality beef patty that you would enjoy eating without the bread and condiments, then I suppose you'd be happy with anything. I don't expect much from the burger itself, I look for what is good about the presentation and how the whole package tastes. I'd say this was as expected, very acceptable for what it is. I didn't have any complaints about the quality, size, or the condiments. But both my wife and I found ourselves repeatedly wiping our faces because it just seemed like a fog of grease was floating in the air. Maybe it was just all the high school kids.My wife ordered the regular steakburger and got the onion rings instead of fries. We already know how I feel about the burger - take it or leave it, it is what it is. But the onion rings deserve mentioning here. I know many people do not like this particular style, where they are batter dipped rings, fried to a golden brown. Well pass me yours because this is the exact style I love. Not crunchy at all! And, they were not over salted. Kudos.We were pretty much done with eating when my wife started to ask the question, what exactly frozen custard is. So we tried some. She got some sort of Hawaiian Delight which she was extremely pleased with. The macadamia nuts are not chopped into tiny little sawdust sized portions, but are actually full-sized nuts. I just had a cone with some chocolate custard on it. Sort of soft for my liking, but I'm not really an ice cream - or frozen custard eater. Course, I didn't want to be rude, so I ate it all.I think the place is worth a visit. Certainly not a special trip or anything like that, but if you happen to be driving by and need an onion ring fix, why not stop in and get some? Price was reasonable, the place was clean and service was quick. Not bad at all.


Cindy F. said...

Hello from New Braunfels!! I've been following your site for a couple of weeks now and I just wanted to tell you..IT'S GREAT!!
My husband and I just moved from San Antone....Braun Oaks, so we were close to you! I love your restaurant and store reviews and your write-ups are very entertaining:) Good job!! Just wanted you to know we're lurking here in New Braunfels:) Merry Christmas!

Dave said...

Thanks for your comment, Cindy. Since you guys are in New Braunfels, I'm sure it would be just a short little trip down Hiway 46 to Clear Springs Catfish Restaurant. I haven't been there in a while - maybe you can let us know if it is still lip-smackin' yummy!

Anonymous said...

this place is just like Steak n Shake from up north. I believe they have one south of Austin now !
Exactly the same burgers

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