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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Light Contest Report: Judging has Commenced...

My wife and I volunteered again to serve as judges for the annual Christmas Lighting contest held in our neighborhood each year. Please make your bribe checks out accordingly. And no, we can't help you with your desire to become a Senator.

At any rate, last night, we took a drive through three of the seven sub-divisions that make up our association looking for houses decorated enough to warrant consideration, and then began the process of taking pictures and getting the addresses and such. I am pleased to report that, while we still have a few homes in our area where the owners simply don't want anyone to know the address, for the most part, most residents have clearly marked their homes with street numbers. Perhaps they read my extreme rant last year, and got the hint.

We had made up our minds that we were not going to vote for the house with the most lights - that we wanted there to be something put into the design beyond one of these fan-driven blow-up Santa's. I won't go into all of our specific deliberations, especially since we have more homes to look at tonight and possibly tomorrow, but one house that was a winner last year was not going to be an automatic winner in our mind, if they simply repeated the design from last year. Even though we were not looking at Emerald Valley last night, we did decided to take a drive over to the home in question just to see if the family there did a repeat.

People, if you live in the GNW area or within easy driving of the Culebra/Tezel/Grissom, it is worth it to come and take a look at the home on Stone Village. No street address needed - just follow the cars.
These folks totally revamped the show with an emphasis on The Chipmunks. Pictures don't do it justice. Tune your car radio to 107.1FM, take the kids and do a short drive by. You should know that this is a cul de sac, so if a lot of folks show up, you may have to use extreme patience and care to go through. Please, watch for kids.

No, we aren't Windcrest but this year, a lot more people seem to have really gotten into the whole Christmas lighting thing. Lots of good lights to see.

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