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Sunday, December 28, 2008

You Make the Call...

We were on our way to World Market out at The Rim yesterday when we happened upon this guy/gal (I really think it was a gal) at the intersection of Tezel and Guilbeau.What do you think? Hard core UT fan or just someone trying to make a fashion statement?

Oh, while we were out at World Market, we were looking around and I decided to pick up a sampler pack of different beers.
This is what they had to choose from - not very much of a selection for the place being "World" market, in fact, I think you can get a wider choice at some of the HEB's around town. My son inquired about Yuengling, but unfortunately, we have none here in Texas. Whenever I go on a trip to the east coast, that is my brand of choice. What is it, some sort of conspiracy for that whole Coors thing back when you couldn't buy it east of the Mississippi or something?Anyway, these are the beers I picked up. I was looking for something in a Milwaukee's Best Light, but I settled for these. Perhaps I'll sample them on New Years Eve.

Any suggested brands that I need to test out? Oh, but won't make me gassy? That's pretty much a requirement made up by my wife.


Anonymous said...

looks like a Honda RC51

Fast Bike!

Curtis L. said...

Its funny because I was at the same World Market that night picking out beer for myself. The big problem was by the time I got there there was alot less selection so I left empty handed.

RB said...

Hey Dave,
That individual on the bike would be a "marked man" here in sooner country. That's one sweet bike! Hook'em Horns!!!

Fallen Angel said...

What is the difference between a hard core fan and a fanatic?

I like your choices ok, but I prefer the anchor steam and am not a big fan of bass. I hear Central Market has an excellent collection.

Anonymous said...

Decent beers available at any HEB:

Lagunitas IPA
Stone IPA
Fuller's ESB
Sam'l Smith's Oatmeal Stout
Pilsner Urquell

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