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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Santa Report: Unexpected Sighting...

Apparently, Santa is not so busy going through the final month of hurriedly checking his list (twice) and overseeing the loading of his sleigh to be certain each deserving child receives a gift (or lump of coal) commensurate with their behavior this year.Nope, turns out Saint Nick has time to coax potential new residents into this West Side apartment complex I passed by today. I fully expected my first actual eyes-on sighting of Santa to be soon after Thanksgiving; I just didn't expect it to be here.

My brother-in-law used to always tell the kids he had seen Santa ordering a Jack and Coke down at Barton's Boozery. Good times.

Where was your first Santa sighting of the year?
UPDATE: Santa moved to a different corner today and turns out, he's a chick. Isn't there a Santa Union or something?UPDATE #2: Santa has an impostor out there, and this time the chick is dressed as a gorilla pretending to be Santa.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

We're going to see Santa tomorrow. Theere's a really cool old world style Santa that walks around this little tourist trap/shopping area off a rest stop in Beckley. It sells crafts from all WV artisans and they have excellent, upscale food. It's a fun time.

BTW, the Evil Twin said, "That Dave who post on your blog sometimes? He must be in the military or former." and I said, "You're right." and he laughed. He said he could tell by the "clean, dry and serviceable" comment! :-)

Dave said...

Clean, Dry, and Serviceable, That's me!

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