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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Wal Mart Report...

So you can just imagine that when my wife informed me we required a visit to Wal Mart at 3 in the afternoon on Christmas Eve, I might have been hesitant to take part in such a ridiculous maneuver, but in the spirit of, well, Christmas, I grabbed my camera and off we went.The Wal Mart near us was packed. Packed so much that people were actually parked off-road like it was some sort of NASCAR event. Course, I've never been to a NASCAR event, so that may not be a good description. And maybe this is just a Texas thing. The wife says, "Well, Dear, there are no parking spots." The husband says, "The hell you say! This piece of landscaping will do just fine."Anyway, I was shocked; shocked to learn that even Santa has succumbed to the evil Wal Mart. No, I don't think Wal Mart is evil at all but I do think that Santa could at least drive around in a red truck if he is going to do his shopping in broad daylight.

Actually, we drove behind the Wal Mart and came out on the other side by the garden department where there was plenty of parking. Apparently not too many people are purchasing lawn mowers or fertilizer for Christmas this year. And once inside, even though it was clearly crowded, there were no old people being trampled or fisticuffs over flat panel TV's, so really, it was sort of a let down.
Important Note: If you know who is in charge of the lights at the intersection of Westwood Loop (the road that goes from Wal Mart all the way to Alamo Ranch) and Culebra, please inform them that they should put turn signals up. Without a protected turn lane, people are backed up in both directions forever. It is easier to simply go straight across the road and make a U-Turn, which is what I started to do until my wife gave me the Starbucks Signal, letting me know that she was in need.

And with really no fanfare at all we made it safely back to our home and began preparations for Christmas with our kids. Our son is home from Florida and our daughter and son-in-law will fly in tomorrow morning from New Jersey. And we will eat.

Enjoy your Christmas Eve.


AlanDP said...

The Walmart at 410 and Hwy 87 was total chaos today when I went home. There were cars backed out onto the highway because they couldn't fit in the parking lot. Completely, utterly insane. I didn't go there, I just had to get by it to get out of town.

KeithAlanK said...

We received a call to pick up something for Syl's Mom at WalMart, 4:30pm Dec 24th.
After hanging up, she implied that her own mother must be on crack or disabled by tamale fumes to think we would willingly go there at that time.
Y'all are very very brave.

Plan B was Hobby Lobby, which hooked us up in almost no time at all.

Merry Christmas 78250 Family from the Views Household.
Next time one of my bands plays at SpeedWay Sports Bar you guys have to come out for a pitcher on me.

alienjeff said...

I made a quick run to our local Price Chopper grocery store, located at "the WalMart Plaza," around 1:30 P.M. on Christmas Eve. While the traffic was very heavy, I only heard one car horn signal a driver going into meltdown. The cynic in me was disappointed.

Folks driving grocery carts around inside the store were an interesting lot which I catagorized into three groups:

Alfred E. Neumans - These mellow folks were going about their grocery shopping as if it were just another day: calm, cool and collected. Most sported that famous "What? Me worry?" grin on their faces.

GTFO Of My Way Group - This group's members were in some odd, mad frenzy: weaving in and out of cart traffic, bursting out of isles, frantic grabs for grocery items, and squealing, up-on-two-wheels cornering. Focused determination and deep crow's feet between the brows were the distinctive facial features of this lot.

Lobotomized Drones - these poor souls wandered about seemingly directionless. However, there was a hint of desperation in their eyes which indicated they knew they were on some sort of a mission, but emotionally succumbed to the hopelessness of it all.

Oddly enough, I was the only normal one in the store ...

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to the assembled Silver Creek 78250 clan from A View from the Fringe in the land of 06098.

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