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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Yard Work Report: More Rocks, Mulch, and Flowers...

In my next life, I will be a gardener. And miserable.

It isn't that I don't enjoy working in the yard, I just don't enjoy doing it for more than a few minutes. Oh, mowing the yard is fine, weed eating is a blast, and today, I even busted out the chain saw and commenced to take down some offensive limbs that my wife wanted removed from her view. I find all that pleasing.

But I have this image of yard work that involves a cool glass of iced tea, a sunny day but plenty of shade, and perhaps a few undocumented workers that I can get to do the hard stuff. Sadly, that isn't my life.
So instead, I busted out the pick axe and went to town on planting a few plants in one of the rockiest parts of my yard. I was actually trying to be careful, knowing that the cable (I no longer use) is buried just beneath my row of plants.


I mentioned before that we have some issues with our yard. The result of too much shade or too much dog, we have areas that simply won't grow grass. We figured out that we can just landscape around it. I know, I'm expecting the Nobel Peace Prize any moment.
We were so happy with the results of our first little project, we did a section in the front yard. There are some rose bushes and some other sticky sort of bushes there already. They live in spite of the fact that I do nothing but trim them. I added some colorful little plants, then bordered the area with rocks and tossed in some mulch.Out back, we had put in this cute little Texas shaped bird bath. I don't know if the birds are native Texans, but they really do like the deep pool it provides on a hot day. I'm thinking of selling memberships. Anyway, we put the rocks and the mulch theme here as well. Are you starting to see a theme here?Finally, the area where I was breaking quite the sweat, I busted rocks to plant some Plumbago and a few of those other colorful plants. Then... Yep, rocks around the border and mulch inside.

Did you do any yard work today? Tell me about it!


RB said...

Dave, where did you get the Texas birdbath? I need one for this Texans yard!!!

Dave said...

Bob, we bout that at Rainbow Gardens over on Bandera - you gonna drive down to pick it up or have them send it via FedEx?

RB said...

I try and get one on my next trip down. Thanks Dave!

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