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Friday, July 11, 2008

Dinner Report: Lasagna Eva Style...

I've probably made note of it before, the fact that my wife learned to cook meals to feed a full family and still have leftovers. When we got married, in spite of the fact it was just the two of us, she had me eating family-sized portions and we still had the leftovers! Over the years, she has learned to cut recipes to make things taste the same without needing to make the full "feeds eight" version. There is one exception to this rule and that is lasagna. And you can never have too much lasagna, right?

So, here we go. I just have the pictures (and the girth around my mid-section), so you'll have to take a stab at how to do it.
I'm just guessing that there was some meat on the stove being cooked when she took the picture, because you usually makes a mix of ground beef and sausage.What you see above is the ol' pot of boiling water - this comes in handy when cooking the actual lasagna pasta.And this is where she starts to build the tray of food. What you can't see from these pictures is that the tray in question is directly from a military chow how, obtained years ago when my father-in-law worked at Lackland. They must have been giving them away that day.Each layer has more stuff put on it - the lasagna noodels, the meat and sausage mixture, the riccotta cheese, the grated cheese, until finally, it is ready to go into the oven.And this is what it looks like just out of the oven, almost ready for me to eat myself into submission. Look how thick and yummy!And of course, getting lunch for the next day ready and making up packages to deliver to family or freeze for a quick lunchtime snack. You may want to hit the treadmill just reading this.

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Anonymous said...

Eva says;
Empty nesting is going to be hard on me....I didn't show the meat cause that is my own homemade sauce.Gee I can't give out all of my secrets.Just be happy I LOVE to cook.

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