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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Strange in 78250: Nice Move, Ms. Andretti...

This falls under the category of things that happen when you don't have a camera handy...

But it turns out my wife was driving north on Culebra approaching the intersection of Ingram Road this evening just at 10PM as we were headed home from her sister's house. If you are familiar with that stretch, you know that the extreme right lane is a turn-only, onto Ingram Road. Many folks routinely ride the turn-only lane, then cut left at the last minute.

Tonight, a driver - turns out to be a young female driver - zipped past us at probably 60 MPH and immediately, it was obvious that she wouldn't be making the turn right at that rate of speed, and the only way to go was across the intersection with NO LANE AT ALL.

Ms. Andretti was in full brake mode when she hit the curb and bounced to the left, and for the life of me, I have no idea how she came to a stop several hundred feet ahead without clipping a single vehicle. The fact that both lanes of moderately heavy traffic stopped without incident was equally amazing.
It just so happened that we were the lucky one's to slam to a screeching halt just in front of her. So of course, I start snapping pictures. A few men from a car in the other lane jump out to see if the lady is alright and my wife is yelling out to ask her if she is okay.

She seemed fine if not a little exercised over the little event. I can only assume she was putting on make-up.


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deep forest said...

And it never even occured to her why nobody else was in that lane right ?? That must have been the major accident I saw on the SAPD site that night. I'm about a block away. Pendeja !!!

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