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Friday, July 18, 2008

Trap and Release Report: Almost...

You have to actually catch the critter in order to release it...

So, I have mentioned a few times, including just last Friday how we have had a new friend come to play with our dog Gracie. I find the little opossum to be friendly, as does the dog, but admittedly, we have been told that they have recently been found to be rabid, so, well... enter the trap.

I went out this evening and set up an animal friendly trap that allows us to feed our little friend before relocating him to an area more suitable for him to enjoy his lifestyle of walking around yards at night looking for dog and cat food. I'm thinking there is a guy on Ridge Run who would enjoy another pet. (Just kidding - don't send letters to the editor - it's just a joke).
Anyway, the gist of the trap is, you set the bait, in this case, some of Gracie's food, the little critter walks in to eat, then steps on the trigger and the cage closes.

I walked out back to recycle a can in my can cruncher, and there he was, eating like a fat kid trapped in a cake shop, only the cage was wide open.

Naturally, I went back inside to grab my camera and after we exchanged pleasantries, the opossum decided to leave. That's him jumping from the table to the ground as I watch. Apparently, the little guy wasn't heavy enough to drop the doors.So, off he went.

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