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Friday, July 18, 2008

Trap and Release Report Part II: Opossum's ain't Smart Like me...

Okay, I'm thinking if you got a get out of jail card, you don't come back 15 minutes later. But sure enough, our little friend was apparently still hungry.Sorry. As it turns out, he was inside the cage eating the rest of the dog food I put in as bait - I hadn't even reloaded. And once again, the door didn't close. So my wife walks over to look at him as a distraction and I throw a rock which hits the fence directly behind him causing him to eat more of the dog food. My seocnd throw was a strike, and both doors closed as designed.I actually feel bad because he is a nice enough looking guy, and I think I scared the crap out of him with my wildly inaccurate rock throwing. But his nightly 10PM jaunts through our yard were creating all sorts of havoc with Gracie, and frankly, he may be a wild animal, but she has lived here longer.Of course, our dog couldn't contain herself and had to get in a quick sniff before being sent back in the house until the dust settled.We called Chief Burton from GNW Security and he arrived to take the trap and relocate our friend to greener pastures.

So long.


jeri said...

we're having possum visitors also. We thought we had a dead one in the yard, only to realize he was playing possum!

AlanDP said...

If you set the trap too solidly they won't go off. You need to adjust the catch so that it's just barely hanging on and looks like it might go off for no reason.

Another trick is to place rocks or small lead weights on top of the doors. This will also make it "go off" easier. But the most important part is getting the catch adjusted just right.

Anonymous said...

Dave, in the South we call them possums, not opossums. Technically, you are right, but must not be from Texas.

Dave said...

I do call the little guys "possums" when I talk about 'em, but spell it the way the spell checker tells me to.

And no, I'm wasn't born in Texas, but as they say, got here as quick as I could.

Albatross said...

... and I throw a rock which hits the fence directly behind him causing him to eat more of the dog food.

Heh heh heh. Possums ain't so bright.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for ridding our neighborhood of that highly dangerous animal. That is a good job for the neighborhood cops!


PS: Why?

Dave said...

I think possums are cute - and so does my dog. Unfortunately, the two are not compatible.

Instead of shooting the little guy, I chose the more humane and accepted option of relocating him from my yard to an area where he can enjoy as many insects and other natural treats as he'd like without interfering with my dog and our nightly routine (sleep).

Thanks for your comment and the information on the link. I found it very informative and interesting.

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