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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Offensive Indian Update: Where is Cibrian?

I just happened to be stuck in traffic at the right location on Loop 410 near Red McCombs GMC place, and once again, found that Council Woman Diane Cibrian had yet to put a halt to the offensive and vulgar Indian statue exposing his wiener for all of San Antonio to see (in broad daylight no less). How will we explain this to the kids?And at minimum, could we at least put a bikini top on the exposed chest, Ms. Cibrian? I know for a fact that there is a car wash on the lot.


Albatross said...

You get all the cool shots!

Anonymous said...

Ta-i ke-mo sah-bee*
That Indian (Native American) has been there for many years and it is a landmark. So his fly was unzipped. He is old you know. At least they quit shooting arrows into him. Rather having to see the old dork than having arrows flying through the parking lot.
*(Greetings, trusty friend [kemo sabe])

Anonymous said...

Get a life.I believe if this is all you have to worry about,then you have no life.If indeed this hoax is true cover your daughter's eyes.Little boys won't be offended,they see thier's everyday.I grew up seeing that Indian and never with his penis showing.I think it's photoshoped.

Dave said...

I grew up seeing that Indian and never with his penis showing.I think it's photoshoped.

This comment gave me quite a chuckle. It's not photoshopped, and you are correct, it isn't his penis showing. When taken at the angle shown, you see a picture of his thumb, but if you are a juvenile like I am, of course you see a wiener poking out.

Life is too short to be upset by such a thing. In fact, the entire post (from 5 years ago) is a sarcastic tribute to busy-body Mayor wannabe, Diane Cibrian, who was popular at the time. Yes, cover our daughter's eyes, indeed.

Thanks for the chuckle.

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