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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Doggie Stroller

I don't know that this qualifies for the "Strange" moniker, but while we were walking around at Bussey's Flea Market today, I witnessed a couple transporting their beloved pup in a fancy dog stroller.Let me be perfectly clear; no child or infant was in the stroller, just a little dog. My dog would like something like that, but she'd want her stroller to have air conditioning and a TV.


KeithAlanK said...

I guess you went early, because by now it's too damned hot to be at Bussey's.
Maybe in October...

Dave said...

Funny - as we were leaving, my wife said there would be no need to hit Bussey's again for a while, and after a short pause, we both said, "Maybe October."

Most of the place is covered, but the front area (where most of the good "stuff" is) is unbearable by 10:30am. I just don't know how those vendors can sit out there for so long.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I've seen the little dog carts before, but not an actual baby stroller with a dog in it! Too funny. Flea markets are generally just good "people watching" places - along with the bargains.

Shorty said...

I just saw one of those dog strollers on Tori Spelling's show. I asked my sister, "It's a dog in there and not a baby, right?" Just to make sure I had the concept right.

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