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Thursday, July 31, 2008

River Walk Construction Update...

I had to make a short but meaningful trip downtown to my office today and it occurred to me as I strolled by the spiffy looking staircase leading down to the dirt floor of the river, that I hadn't provided a River Walk Construction Update in a while. So, you know the drill...I have been taking pictures of the progress of the River Walk near the intersection of McCullough and North St Mary's. Perhaps in 50 years, the Express-News lady who answers questions about local history will consult a database containing my Blog, and use these pictures to answer some question from a reader like, "Did the workers building the River Walk addition wear cardboard sombreros?" and she'll know the answer.Looking towards Alamo Heights, this side the of the bridge is looking good with the railing up on the stairs and such. Of course, the water is still being diverted, and any grass that was planted along the sides has not made it.Facing the downtown side, they are starting to construct what is probably a second handicap accessible stairway/ramp thing. And you'll note some street lamps are up. I love this style, but we do need a little greenery and some water in the bottom.

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