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Friday, July 4, 2008

Let it Rain...

I'm sorry if you've been doing your part by checking in from time to time only to find that I haven't been doing my part by adding additional important information for you to read and look at! I could use a three-day weekend about twice a week, just to keep up with everything.

Just yesterday, I took off early from work so my wife and I could do some running around to get ready for the weekend. As I was emptying my wallet into the gas tank, we got something not seen so often in these parts this year; rain!
This is the view from the gas station at HEB on Grissom/Culebra/Tezel/471 (an intersection with a name like that is what happens when people randomly change street names for no apparent reason).

4th of July weekend or not, let it rain, I can work around it!

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