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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Random Photo Report: Little House...

I have an ongoing project of scanning in the hard copy photographs that fill boxes of photo albums throughout the house. This picture comes from 1993 when we lived in our first house over by Lackland.My father-in-law and I used a bunch of leftover wood I had behind my shed to build a little play house for the kids. If we still had that house, I might have been able to rent it out to a family of midgets to generate some extra income. Missed opportunity I suppose.


Albatross said...

Hey, wow! Did you actually put gutters on that thing, too? If so, consider me impressed with your attention to detail.

Anonymous said...

Awww, I miss my little house. It had carpet and everything if i remember correctly. And the gutters really kept the rain water out of my walk way (unlike the umbrella I had destroyed by jumping off the little roof, tring to be like Mary Poppins and float down)


Anonymous said...

Hey Rox

Didn't we spend the night out there. Well If not all night I believe it was most of the night.Those were the best tea parties ever:)


Anonymous said...

Geez... Well i noticed we had a little trouble getting the grass to grow in that yard aswell...I bet that would have lowered the property value of that little house if it was going on the Little People Rental Market.

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