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Monday, July 21, 2008

The Cage is Gone: Bird Flew the Coop...

We are apparently regular critter catchers. After the possum episode this past weekend, we thought we would put the trap out one more time just on the off chance that another one might come looking to play.

During the middle of the day, I had just set the thing out on the picnic table in the yard and my wife called me to report another quick catch.
This time, it was a bird. Don't worry, in spite of the awkward looking pose, the little guy was not harmed in any way. I lifted open the door and off he went to warn the others!

With that, I pretty much figured PETA would be kicking down our doors before long, so I washed the cage really well and we took it back to our association.


AlanDP said...

A long time ago I used a smaller cage trap (squirrel-sized) to catch rats out of my dad's barn. I would catch cardinals in it all the time. I always just let them loose, of course. The rats weren't so lucky.

muse said...

I had this rather large wild pig and young ones at my back door a couple of weeks ago. I was awaken by something slamming against the door and then I heard this snorting sound. Scared the bejeezus out of me!

I had left the back gate opened over night and I guess they took that as their Tom Bodet invite. They dug up several plants some that have not recovered. Still I don't think I will take my chances on trapping...I might end up with acoyote, bobcat, skunk, or chupacabra.

Dave said...

Mmmm. Bacon. Or perhaps some chupacabra with cream cheese.

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