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Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Greenbelt News: Progress...

I couldn't help but notice the progress in the greenbelt area of the Great Northwest near the Soccer Fields this afternoon as I was driving by, so I had to stop with my camera to take a few pictures of the ongoing action.With the crew that went in and chopped down some overgrowth and brush complete, we now have folks moving the limbs and branches into an area that can be collected into a big container for mulching.

I only mention this because on Saturday, if you'd like to come out and help collect some trash (easy stuff - cups, papers, cans and such) it will give you a chance to see what great progress has been made. We are going to meet at 9am and will wrap up around noon. Come anytime during that period and do as much or as little as you'd like. You can park at the Lodge and you'll find us out in the greenbelt. Dress appropriately.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you A-Team folks for cleaning the plastic stuff and other flotsam out of the creek bottom and off of it’s banks. (Isn’t it French Creek by name?) But, as you may one day notice, every big rain we get, where a gusher comes down the creek, more new stuff clutters the creek and the old floats away. By and large, the trash stuff isn’t from our neighborhood, but from the bridge area and from the other side of the bridge from all those home-folks, construction workers, and from dim-witted “citizens” upstream and passing by on Tezel Road. Also, the wind brings in those infernal plastic sacks. It is a good thing you help clean the trash out, but, sadly, it is an ongoing battle. Note that I didn’t say your effort is a losing battle. I used to clean the creek myself and even paid neighborhood kids to help. I finally figured out that a gully washer not only changed the overall appearance of the creek, its shape, and the course of future water flow, but the flow replaced the old trash with new. You would probably be surprised at how much the location of big boulders, the appearance and disappearance of huge tree stumps, the uprooting of large trees, and the increase in creek bed depth has occurred in thirty years. And, as I have said before, “growth” and “improvement” have caused much of the wildlife to disappear from the “green belt.” Did I say GREEN? But I repeat myself. Don't I?

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