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Monday, July 14, 2008

Dinner Report: Chicken Fried Chicken...

Motivated by our recent lunch at John T. Floore Country store, my wife decided to whip up a batch of Chicken Fried Chicken using her regular recipe for fried chicken (which she does quite well).I don't know all the ingredients, but involves boneless chicken breasts lubed up with some sort of milk and egg mixture, not unlike what you would use to scramble an egg.Next, the chicken is dipped into a mixture of flour (I know this, because in mid preparation, I had to run over to the neighbor's to barrow a cup of flour), Season-All, and probably some other stuff. The chicken gets dipped again in the egg mixture and back into the flour for a second dipping then it is off to the frying pan.You may wish to use a deep fryer or one of those Fry-Daddy deals, but she just uses the skillet.The cooked chicken is drained on a rack while the next step is underway.A mixture of more flour, some seasoning, water and milk is fried up to create a thick and tasty gravy.When served, I threw on some of my neighbor Ruby's red potato salad (which was very good), and a little gravy on top of the chicken fried chicken. Outstanding!

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Evil Twin's Wife said...

I do Country fried steak (but with onions instead of a gravy), but I need to learn how to do chicken. The main problem is the Evil Twin likes meat dry - dry and dusty and I'm worried that it would burn on the outside before the inside was "done" enough for him. Guess I could try it... I could always throw it in the oven for extra dryness...

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