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Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Construction Report: Timber Path Bridge?

On both Thursday and Friday last week, I was coming up Timber Path to the intersection of Grissom Road and noted construction guys with measuring tapes doing all sorts of figuring and annotating their little notebooks. Not a survey crew, but guys measuring stuff.Is Timber Path next for a bridge like the one they built across the low water crossing on TimberHill near Ingram Park Mall? Oh sure, we need it, but I just wonder if they will simply close off the road while they build it, thereby making it a nightmare to get out of the place.


Anon E. Mouse said...

Yes, there is a bridge being planned for that area in the near future, and yes, it will probably screw up traffic. About 4 years ago, a presentation was made to the GNW Board showing the proposed state hwy project. WTF? State Highway? Seems that Grissom Road and Culebra Road are both State Highways, thus a connector road will be a state project, not a city project.

When the subdivision was built over off Culebra near Westover Hills, there was a cut thru area left open by the builder, where the street inside the development that comes off of Culebra, dead ends at the low water area you were looking at.

The plans call for a bridge to cut between the Bill Millers & Whataburger, go at an angle to line up with the road cutting thru the subdivision, terminating at Culebra. Wonder if they will put another traffic light in so close to Westover Hills and Old Grissom Road's two lights? They will have to with that level of traffic created.

I've got a map image somewhere on my computer showing where the proposed path would go, if I took the time to search for it.

Dave said...

Interesting. I assumed it would happen someday. Let's just hope they don't use the same folks who built the two year long Tezel Road project!

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