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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Yard Work Report: How to Cover Dead Grass...

Forget the drought - we got an actual ten minutes of solid rain this afternoon. What we have is an area of the yard that simply refused to grow grass, no matter how much rain or watering we gave it, even after sodding the place. So this morning while my wife was doing some trimming of the hedges in the front of the house and I was mowing the back near the offensive dirt patch in the back, I decided enough was simply, enough!This is what the ugly, dirt covered, no grass having area looked like shortly after I started. You'll note that by the time I thought to grab the camera (always - always have the camera handy), I had started to place some rocks around the offensive area.I had to till up the old dead sod (dirt really) that was a little higher than it should have been, and push that dirt down toward the other side to try to level things.Next, we made a trip over to Wal-Mart to grab some mulch. I know that we could have gone to Fertile Gardens or one of the other local nurseries and gotten some mulch by the yard, but to be real honest, I didn't want to have to move several loads by wheel barrel to the back of the house when I could make a few sort trips with bags in the wagon.Here we are spreading out the mulch, and if you are keeping score - yes, I had to go back to Wal-Mart for another several bags. Here is a little hint from me to you: When the calculation chart says you need 14 bags of mulch to cover the area, you really do need 14 bags, not 8. That might save you a trip if you try this yourself.Okay, end product. We took some of the plants and such that we had on our deck and in the yard and filled in the mulched area. It ain't Garner State Park, but at least I won't have to mow the dirt anymore.

What did you do to your yard this weekend? Tell me about it.


muse said...

In 023 we didn't have a 10 minute soaking...we had a mere spritzing. So I pulled soaker hoses around.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Very pretty. We have some patchy places where we had a tree removed. I'm dying to order that Patch Perfect off the infomercial. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Wow Daddy, that looks much better than it did. good thing Panda's not there to dig it all up.

Anonymous said...

.........stone...literally ...the placing of some well placed stones..how nice...much..much ...better...just enough...dont put any more...it will look too busy...i love it...can you come over and do mine..laters...nena..but first we have to go to garners to get some...STONES...haha

Dave said...

"good thing Panda's not there to dig it all up."

Yea - good thing for her because I wouldn't be able to stop Mom from killing her with a knife!

Gracie hasn't so much as tip-toed through it and seems content to lay down and look at it.

Gracie and Panda

Anonymous said...

Eva Says:
Now,now,I would not Kill her .... I would just send her to a special day spa. Where she would not want to leave or be able to after I sign her over.

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