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Monday, June 9, 2008

Crappy Service Report: US Postal Service...

Look, I know first hand that when you are doing something on a massive scale like shipping hundreds of thousands of pieces of mail and packages every single day, something bad can happen and it really isn't that someone intended to do a bad job. Sometimes, shit happens. Or sh*t happens if you are offended by such foul language.

So when the post office got in a wreck and burnt up some of my mail, frankly, I was pretty pleased that they stuck it all in a pouch and sent it to me (still wet from the fire hose) with a letter of explaination and an apology.

But let's face it, we don't pay 11 cents for postage anymore. In fact, while my daughter was here in town last month, she spent quite a pretty penny to ship two boxes of stuff back to New Jersey, utilizing the services of the US Postal Service.

The boxes were both fairly heavy which she paid close to $70.00 for, to be shipped at the parcel rate (or as we call it, slow boat to China). Yea, for that price, she went ahead and added the little feature where you can get on the internet and track the status of the boxes, but when the lady at the counter asked about insurance, I just shrugged my shoulders and said no. I figured, and this is me using my Lottery playing brain to think, what are the chances that the USPS could catch my mail on fire more than once? Hey, I quit playing the Lotto right after my big $120 win on the notion that that bolt of lighting ain't gonna strike twice, and look how much money I've saved since then.

So, here's the deal. One of the boxes contained a sewing machine my wife bought about the time my daughter was born when we lived in Italy. So, we have had this thing for 20 years, but it is a lot better quality than what you are going to get at Wal Mart or wherever for the cost to send it.

When she got back to Sopranoland, she dutifully tracked the packages but the strangest thing happened when she got the first box.
It would appear as though somebody dropped it off a moving truck, busted all the crap inside, then simply taped the contents back together and sent it on its way. Funny, that little side trip didn't show up on the tracking log on the USPS tracking page on the Internet.So, needless to say, my daughter was pretty upset about the whole thing. She went to the post office, taking the pile of broken pieces and box as evidence but the people simply did as I did when asked about insurance - shrugged their shoulders. Live and learn.

Next time, I'm going with FedEx. You can burn my junk mail up and spend Lord knows how much money to send it to me still smoldering with with a bucket of water and ashes falling onto my slacks when I open it, but you can't track who the star performer was who chucked the box like it was jump shot with 4 tenths of a second left in the game? C'mon, people!

At least pay us back for the $1.75 we spent for the tracking service. Bastards.


RB said...

Dave, I too will use FedEx in the future! I was mailing some very important, time sensitive paperwork to the VA and also paid for registered mail and the tracking service. 1 week later I was told to check back mid-week.
21 days later I received a letter that stated they are unable to provide me any info, but they know it made it to its destination but apparently nobody signed for it...

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I truly hate the PO. I'll use them for small things, but use UPS or FedEx for big things.

Ana said...

Was this part of the 03/24/08 fire that happened on the way to the San Antonio P&DC? Just received some burned mail today (06/23/08) from that incident.

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