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Friday, June 6, 2008

Yard Work Report...

I know, just as it appears water restrictions are imminent, my wife and I think about doing a little yard work to spruce things up. Well don't think we went overboard or anything - just a little project or two.First, in the front we moved a portion of hedges from one side of the sidewalk to the other. This allowed us to open up a small space where we could lay down some bricks and create a small patio.Probably not worthy of some HGTV special or anything, but it was enough of a change to make my wife want to go purchase a little bistro set. Isn't that quaint?So if you drive by and see me sitting on the front porch drinking a cool one and staring at traffic, you'll know I'm just resting from the moving of plants and rocks and paver's. Or I'm liquored up.

I have mentioned before that our backyard is simply a disaster. When the little dog lived with us, she and the big dog would run around and wreak havoc on the place. Every attempt I made to grow anything was met with drought or dog. Worse, we have one stretch along our back fence that has been known to kill anything we plant. Hedges, rose bushes, even piles of dog crap turn white.
So my wife got the idea that if we were to put a box back there and fill it with some good dirt, we could grow something. Hence, me using the tub as a saw horse to cut some timbers and get this project going.After notching out a few timbers, I formed them into a log cabin like box, filled them with some rocks taken from the front yard for drainage, added some old mulch I had been making, and put in some dirt.Next thing you know, we got some plants and the beginning of my new back yard is under way. We have a long way to go. But as I see it, that's a 3 foot by 16 foot section of lawn I won't be mowing.

What's your weekend project? Tell me about it.


Blonde Goddess said...

I will be running the kids all weekend. Little Beatle has a baseball game, Miss KIA takes her SAT's today and I'm sure that Veggie Stick won't be happy unless she gets to go somewhere.(Her softball games were cancelled.)

I'd love to be able to find time to do a little yard work but I doubt that will happen until ball season is over.

Love the little patio and the bistro set, although I'm more of a hammock girl myself...LOL

Anonymous said...

Eva says...

Hammock in the front yard hmmm interesting ...I am just off for the summer so I have lots of ides for poor ole Dave:)

KeithAlanK said...

Looks good. We have the same 'along the back fence' death zone but it's so far away we're able to ignore it.

Anonymous said...

I see you have some blue plumbago, what is the yellow shrub?

Anonymous said...

what a great idea for use of a little space..more open..love the bistro set..for more of an italian look..hope you enjoy..so does david rent out for the week-end..i got some honey-do's..haha..

Dave said...

I think the yellow thing is an Esperanza of some sort.

And please, no more honey-do's! You should see my list!

elcommandante said...

I really enjoy your blog. I stumbled on it several months ago when I Googled Papa Murphy's Pizza. One had just opened here in New Braunfels. I have since run across other postings of yours for other restaurants. Seems like whenever I Google a place, you've already been there! The last one was Blake's in Lake McQueeney. I have no doubt we won't run in to each other sometime since we seem to have the seem tastes. Keep it coming!

El Commandante

Shorty said...

I'd like to do stuff in our backyard, but our dog is currently queen back there. I'd really like to get started on a garden, quite a bit of the people I know are growing one or a few things in their yard. We recently got a little bistro set too, but our porch is so little we can't really even sit on it. I might have to steal your idea.

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