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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Random Photo Report: Peeing in Harrods of London

I have an ongoing project of scanning in the hard copy photographs that fill boxes of photo albums throughout the house. This afternoon I found a box of pictures I took when my parents and grandparents visited me in England in about 1986 or 1987.This is a picture of my grandfather, Ralph Amorous Gower, taking a whiz in the restroom (the loo, if you will), in Harrods of London.

Good times.


Deep Forest said...

This has nothing to do with pictures but J. Anthony Seafood Cafe is now open @ Culebra & 410. Bon apetite......

Dave said...

"J. Anthony Seafood Cafe is now open"

Yea, we saw it. I can eat fish anytime, but my wife is more of the "every few weeks is enough" type, so we'll get around to it.

maureen said...

Cute pic! Is he peeing into a "round tuit"??????

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