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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bakery Report: Panifico (or Bedoys) on 24th Street...

My wife was born and raised in San Antonio and has fond memories of the various establishments that, once part of her childhood, have faded away or in the case of Bedoys', have transitioned into something new.She reminded me of how her father would drive all the way from the Lackland area on Sunday's after church to Bedoy on the corner of 24th and Morales to grab all sorts of sweet bread for the family.

I'm not a huge fan of sweet bread (if I indulge, I'm more of the Dunkin Donut type), but I can understand the need.

We were in the area the other day for an important (you guessed it) eating engagement, when my wife suggested we pop in to the bakery.
These days, the place has new ownership and has modernized. The name is now Panifico. I think the format is very modern and well done. They have each customer pick up what I think is a pizza pan and a set of tongs, then go about collecting the various pastries from the cabinets. At the end, they ring you up and send your tray and tongs to the wash. Pretty modern!

Go on. You know you want some.


muse said...

So where is there a dunkin donuts anymore?

I miss El Rancho and the Farmers Daughter-ask your wife about those.

Dave said...

Need a Dunkin' Donut? Military Drive near Highway 90 in the Lackland area. It is better than ever - even recently remodeled.

My wife grew up in that area and her father used to send her to DD for packs of cigarettes at the vending machine. (Don't call child protective services just yet - it was "back in the day").

I've heard of Farmers Daughter but can't say I ever made it. I'll ask.

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