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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sad State of Affairs Report: Mission Drive-In...

On our way back from Mission Concepcion, we decided to drive over to Roosevelt Ave and take a gander at an unofficial Mission, the Mission Four Drive-In Theater. Like most San Antonians, we enjoyed many fun evenings, taking our kids to The Mission.

In mid March of this year, the owners of the landmark, Santikos, said that they would not be able to reopen the drive-in, a result of vandals who had come in and just beat the crap out of the place.
I'll spare you one of my famous rants about little vandals and taggers that should be shot on sight - after all, they just want to share their artistic abilities with the rest of us - but I will tell you this, I don't blame the owners at all.

So, here it is, a few happy-snaps of the now beat-up and broken drive-in. Even though we hadn't been in several years, it just seems like such a loss. Hell, I don't even like going to the regular movie theaters these days, but the fact that little thugs ruin a good thing for everyone just pisses me off.

Anyway, the good news for those people that might have been using The Mission for a place to, uh, entertain a date with more than just a movie, the ol' Motel El Tejas is still available (probably by the hour) just across the street. According to the sign, in addition to Television and a pool, they have Refrigerated Air, and you sure couldn't get that at the drive-in.

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