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Friday, July 27, 2007

Pothole Report: Patch me, Baby...

The hell!

Okay friends, I'd say we've had about enough of this rain.

Lee sent me a picture of a huge pothole that basically confronts you if you attempt to exit my neighborhood.

So, buckle up and pay the extra $2.00 for that extended warranty on your next set of tires.

Sweet Mother of Pavement.


Lee said...

I've sent a copy of that photo to our City Council District 6 rep, asking them to ask Public Works to "do something". I noticed a traffic cone with reflective tape, sitting in the hole this afternoon.

Anyway, the word from Pubic Works (via 311) is that as long as the hole has water sitting in it, they can't patch it or the patch will not "take" properly. I've asked them to look at the area around the hole as well, since the cracked pavement extends further around the area.

One reason I was concerned, is that there is a concrete edge sticking out on the side under the asphalt, more likely to cause tire damage than the ordinary asphalt edge would do.

By the way, I was also told by them that anyone claiming damage to their tires or front end as a result of street damage, can submit a claim with the city clerk's office for possible compensation. Don't plan on it being as quick as using the ATM machine, because there is a procedure that needs followed, and we're talking about the city after all.

Lee said...

Today, August 2nd, the city finally patched that durn hole using their portable pothole patching truck. I drove by just after it was done. Yeah! Nice what an email to your city council rep with a photo can do for expediting service in some cases. Of course the rain was the primary cause of the hole and the delay, because if they had patched it while it had standing water inside, the patch would have popped out within the week, and we'd be doing it all over again.

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