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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Getting Side Tracked Report: Lourdes Grotto

This one falls into the category of, "I hate when people whine that there is nothing to do here", because we had decided that it was time for us to go and pay a visit to the New Earl Abel's (reported via separate blog entry), and in the course of leaving the Fred Road area, we attempted to take Loop 410 until we found out it was for the most part, closed due to some refreshing construction.

I turned south on Blanco and was going to zip downtown, find a good cross street and get over to Alamo Heights. I don't mind cruising the back streets for a new adventure and of course, we found one.

Just as we came upon Oblate, my wife screamed for me to turn. I recognized the area, because years earlier, we had done some sort of marriage encounter concentration camp-like seminar where they make you go and confront yourselves. How could one forget that good time?

Anywho, more important than that, this beautiful spread of land carved out of the hustle and bustle of Blanco Junction (no relation to Petticoat Junction, I trust), is this wonderful sanctuary with well manicured lawns, peaceful walks, and a grotto. Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto of the Southwest to be precise.

I must report that I become somewhat skiddish when walking the grounds of Holy places. I can't explain it, but I immediately go into Library-mode, you know, no talking, eyes cast downward for fear that a librarian or Nun might see you looking at something you shouldn't, and perhaps this is why when I had a problem with my camera, it was a bit unnerving that I somehow blurted out, "son of a bitch" at full volume. My wife launched into immediate prayer and had we been closer to the Holy Water spigot, I surely would have been doused for cause.

You don't have to be all hopped up on religion or specifically be Catholic to appreciate the beauty of this place, and you certainly won't find one of the Oblate Missionaries standing there collecting an entrance fee. If you ever just want to take a peaceful walk around the grounds and maybe go into the new gift shop conveniently located nearby,I think it will be a half-hour or so of time well spent.

In case your potty-mouth doesn't allow you to go, here are some pictures.

A few nice sculptures to enjoy.

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