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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Baby Update: Possible Cygnet Eviction

I received a rather unsettling e-mail from our Mission Trace Correspondent, Sid Seidenberger this afternoon. It seems that Baby, the Australian Black Swan who resides in the lake at Mission Trace may be in a little hot water.

According to Sid, he had been out of town and "Baby went to the next-door neighbor's patio and shit on their Terra Cotta tile. One thing led to another and the neighbor was forced to build a barricade to keep Baby from making defacatory deposits".

He says, "Next thing you know, their HOA Grounds Chair receives a bitchin' from the disgruntled neighbors and a call is made to a supposed "swan expert", who says that the parent swans (now nesting AGAIN with 5 eggs) will eventually kill baby."

Clearly unhappy about this, Sid continues, "Long story short, I must go before the Board on Thursday night and make an appeal to them. 80% of the board members HATE the swans. It looks as if Baby will be doin' her swan song and saying so-long because the Grounds Chair said, "It's the Board's decision".

I talked to Sid a short while ago and he tells me that he has been doing research and making calls to various vets and water fowl experts all day long, and sadly, there does seem to be some consensus that the situation is not good. It would be nice if some swan relief agency was available to take Baby in and get her relocated to a better environment.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Anyone know of any swan experts who might have an idea? My wife is calling a few folks who know something about bird sanctuary's etc., but if you have any words of wisdom or assistance, give me a quick e-mail or leave a comment here.



Lee said...

Aren't you glad it's not the GNW Chairman giving him a Swan Song???

Sid said...

I'd love to get rid of the parent swans, the eventual new cygnets, and just keep Baby as a single swan in the Mission Trace lake.

Baby is docile, would never be aggressive like the others, and could live peacefully by herself with the duck population here.

Thanks for all your support, Dave. I really appreciate it.


Sid said...

Baby News Update....

I just spoke on the phone this morning with another long-time Mission Trace resident, Mona Reilly, who told me that she will pursue the issue of finding a place for Baby where Baby will be lovingly kept.

What a good neighbor to be so supportive and helpful!

Hopefully, all five eggs will hatch and Mission Trace will have a colony of black swans to grace our lake.

These Australian black swans make our neighborhood unique, and wherever Baby goes, she, too, will become a prized and cherished attraction. (I hope her new home will be near because I intend to visit Baby there. Once a swan daddy, always a swan daddy!)


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