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Thursday, July 5, 2007

HOA Meeting Report: No 4th of July Fireworks, Really...

Just a quick update on the HOA meeting tonight at the Great Northwest Lodge. The meeting wasn't closed per se, but it was not open to discussion by folks in the peanut gallery. For this reason, it seemed to go fairly smoothly with very little reportable fanfare. Of course, residents only stay for the open session. From there, the board meets in a closed session where I suspect they yell!

My wife, Eva, attended with me and we got to meet several of the folks I hadn't had a chance to meet last meeting including board member Ms. Sigrid Long and former board member Mr. Joe Martinez. We also met the GNW Security Chief Roger Burton.

I took quite a few notes and compared notes with some others and frankly, from my "outsider" point of view, there seemed to be only one or two minor topics that raised my "Give a Crap" meter in my mind.

What I saw as relevant and thoughtful questions posed by board member Mr. Guy Pucci to various members of staff, may have come across as micro-managing and a waste of time to others, but I suppose as residents of the Great Northwest, it would be on you as individuals to come to the meetings and find out what you think.

But more on the ongoings when I get a chance to look at my notes and such.

The reason we stopped and introduced ourselves to Chief Burton is, my wife volunteered for me to be the Block Captain for GNW Watch for our street. I'm not sure if it needs to be put up to a vote by my neighbors, but my promise is, I will hold another National Night Out Party like we did last year, and this time, supposedly there will be some sort of prizes and other swank, all being given out by local business/governments just for signing up and being "official".

So neighbors, BYOB, but let's not get so liquored-up that McGruff the Crime Dog has to make a few apprehensions.

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Guy D. Pucci said...

The questions I asked were for background on the operations of this association. I am a firm believer in first hand information before I make any decisions. The one problem I have run into is a lack of information available. I will continue to pose questions to get the information I feel I need to do my job as a Director. If some want to raise the MICRO MANAGEMENT tag in my opinion better that, than no managment oversight.
And yes only some of the board feel the need to raise their voice in closed session. If I did you could hear it through the walls for sure.

Guy D.

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