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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Flood Report: Most of us are just Dumbasses

In spite of the rain earlier in the morning, and the fact that my newly tiled back patio took a total beating from the dirt and sand that spilled over the border onto it, my wife and I still had to get some important HEB Plus shopping done, and we needed to make a quick trip into that new Wal Mart over on Potranco and 1604 to get some keys made.

I had just pulled into the turn lane to go outside of 1604 on Potranco when I noticed a Bexar County Sheriff checking out the water flow over Potranco Road. It would appear that he made the decision that the water was still coming across fast enough, and deep enough that he should leave the road closure barriers in place.

If you aren't from San Antonio or south central Texas in general, it is sort of strange to think that there are regular roads that routinely flood every time it rains more than an inch or two. I know, you'd think it would be smarter to just build the roads higher over those areas, but considering that most of the time, San Antonio is a desert and we are in environmentalist-whacko generated water rationing, people go the cheap route and hope for the best when it rains.

So, the other thing you should find strange is that, anytime we get any amount of rain, the local news goes on and on and on about how you should never go around these barriers and of course, they show footage of the dumbasses that go around the barriers, then get caught in the water and then have to be rescued at great expense. Every road that is subject to flooding has a sign that reads, "Turn Around, Don't Drown", yet, every night on the news, there are more pictures of people being idiots.

So, I see the sheriff and I see that he is leaving the barriers up so I get out of the turn only lane and back onto 1604 so I can go down the road less than 500 feet and enter Wal Mart from the other side. No problem.

As the sheriff leaves and as I wait at the stop light, people waste no time at all going around the barricade and through the water.

I know this sounds really cruel and mean spirited, but just once I'd like to come across somebody who has gone around the barrier, gotten trapped and then be the guy who throws them a rope and a life jacket. Then, before I pull them in from certain drowning, I'd like to have them state to awaiting video cameras being beamed onto the 10PM news, "I am a dumbass. I do not care about the safety of firefighters and police officers who have to risk their lives to save my lazy ass, because I am a dumbass who violated the law and went around the barricade set-up to keep me safe."

Then, I would reel them in and bap them on the head.

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