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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Random Report: Quick notes

A few quick things to report. First, We went over to the HEB at Grissom/Tezel/Culebra to grab an item or two and saw a great deal of turmoil in the center front of the store where the cash registers are. Thankfully, it turns out that they are installing those automated, self-service, do-it-yourself type registers where you can go in, grab something, ring it up yourself and pay without having to interact with your friendly HEB cashier.

Please note: If you are too stupid to operate one of these devices, please enroll yourself in a course or something before you get in line in front of me. Thanks.

For the most part, I think these things operate on the weight of the item scanned - in other words, if you purchase a box of HoHo's, the machine knows the weight, so you can't try to trick it by scanning a pack of gum, but sneakily placing the HoHo's in your bag. It will note the difference in weight. This is also why you can't scan in one item but throw in a dozen. Ya filthy thief.

I only mention this because some people, not trying to do anything illegal, will scan an item but put it in their basket instead of on the convenient holding shelf, or some lady will stick her purse on the shelf along with her HoHo's, then it requires an intervention by a certified HEB cashier and this little situation slows me down while I'm standing behind them waiting to get out with a hot fresh loaf of French Bread! So while we have time during construction, get your act together, people.

We got out and got home just in time to avoid yet another downpour.

Attention God: We get it. No, no need for an ark; repenting shall commence shortly. But if we can keep it going just long enough to beat the aquifer level record, that'd be nice. Thanks.

Speaking of nature, does anybody know what kind of flower this is?
We pulled these plants - we called them corn plants because of the stalk like appearance - from our front yard and threw them into a tub in the back. They have grown wonderfully for several years and now, with all the rain, they are blooming. If you know what they are, please tell me.

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