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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Report Update: Queens Cottage...

I didn't want to leave you hanging after telling you about his place, Queens Cottage, over on Fred Road, and my wife still wanted to go by just for a look see, so Saturday, we made it the starting point for quite a day of adventures in San Antonio. We started off not really knowing which direction to go, but like Rock Stars trying to save the planet, by jetting all over the world, we simply didn't care.

So, The Queens Cottage was certainly a quaint shop which I could very easily see set-up in a shop along the River Walk, or perhaps next to a library some place. I get the idea, for sure. The pharmacy part of the store was closed, but honestly, seemed like an afterthought. I mean, yes there was a pharmacy and I'm sure you can fill your prescriptions there, but it did not have the feel of a full service Walgreen's in terms of the non-prescription needs. But, what do I know?

When my wife and I entered the store, the employees still outnumbered all the customers, but we immediately liked how everyone was friendly and eager to let us look around without hovering. My wife commented that we had heard about them on the radio, and that made one lady very happy.

The store had a large selection of gift items but really, nothing we wanted or needed and since we already had plans for lunch, we didn't plan to eat there, though my wife was curious about the menu. They serve the same things you might expect at a deli and the prices certainly looked reasonable. We actually felt bad about leaving without buying anything, and then felt worse when the lady chased after us to give us our free Ice Cream bar just for stopping in.

Located within the North Point Shopping Center across from Crossroads Mall, I'd give it a try for lunch sometime.

Man, I should start selling advertisements!

While we were on Fredericksburg Road, we took a quick drive down to that old Flea Market set up behind Harbor Freight. This flea market used to be quite hopping at one time; cause for a visit at least a few times a month, but I think the last few times I have gone, I have been less than impressed. We stayed long enough to look around and for my wife to get the creeps and want to leave. That pretty much says it all.

We did look at some matching His and Hers mountain bikes. The man swore they were brand new and wouldn't me and my "Sancha look nice on matching bikes for only $40 a piece"? Well wouldn't we? My wife told me that I have a bike already - it is sitting in front of the TV in our bedroom.

If you have never been to this flea market, but you you are looking for "stuff", you may find it here. Unlike many of the newer flea markets, this one is not filled with "Everythings a Dollar" type plastic trinkets. People actually pay for a table or just back up the pick-up truck and sell all the odds & ends they picked up at garage sales or may have procured via other dubious methods.

But if you are more the "antique" set, stick with Bussey's out on IH-35.


Larry said...

Are those gasoline containers on a display tripod?? Wow....

Dave said...

Larry, that was quite a good catch there.

Though I had no idea the photograph I took of common "Jerry Cans" could be considered an art piece entitled "Gasoline Containers on a Display Tripod", I like your thinking.

Now, I just need to find some artist type who would be willing to pay good money for a print. In the mean time, click here to learn more about what these cans are used for.

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