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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Free Advice to Developers...

Every so often, I like to offer up a bit of free advice to developers who may be looking for an investment. What I'm about to tell you is free for you to use, and I ask for nothing in return, though you may wish to give me credit, but again, I don't require it.

There are two places along Grissom Road that could be hugely successful money making locations if they would be put to the right use. One of these locations seems to have something being done to it, so my advice may be too late. That is the empty space in front of the HEB at Tezel/Grissom/Culebra.

The second space was the original HEB from about 20 years ago located at the corner of Timber Path and Grissom. The place has been used as a dance club but long ago lost its attractiveness when it went out of business as Coyotes. Follow-up efforts to use the huge space as different types of clubs didn't work out because the place is too big to run (A/C wise) without having it packed with patrons. Unfortunately, even if the place is packed by smaller standards, (say 75 to 100 people) it seems empty because the space is so big - when a place seems empty, nobody wants to return because they think they are the only saps who find the place attractive, and therefore, must be nerds. This is why the two new bars that have opened on either side of it (Staceys on one side and Speedway on the other) seem to be very successful. They are small enough to be packed all the time.

My two suggestions: Starbucks in front of HEB and Peter Piper Pizza where the old Coyotes was.

You could put Starbucks on all four corners of any intersection and they would all be successful. That is a no brainier. But the closest Starbucks to this area is on Bandera, with another on 151 and another on Potranco. Are you kidding me?

The Peter Piper Pizza took even less thought. A while back, we attended a kid's party at the PPP on Bandera. They serve beer, they serve pizza and they have kids games. How could you go wrong? Now, think about it in this area. You have all the residents from the entire Great Northwest and other surrounding residential areas nearby. And for the parents who want to drop off their kids at a party but are shy about having the other families see them get liquored up - simply go into Stacey's Sports bar right next door or The Speedway on the other side.

Sheer brilliance!

There you have it folks. Free advice. I'm also available for free advice to city planners, mall store consultation and other general advice.

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