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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Accident Report: French Bread Causes Broken Tooth...

The other night, my wife picked up one of those already made rotisserie chickens from HEB - they really are good if you have never tried one - and on the way to pay, the guy came out yelling, "Hot Bread!" which naturally caused her to buy a loaf. Personally, give me a stick of butter and a loaf of that fresh hot French bread, and I could sit there and eat it all, by myself and call it dinner.

So, I'll make this quick and to the point. Though no lawsuits are planned or expected, I took about my third bite into the delightfully soft and tasty bread and for some reason, bit down on it on the right side of my mouth, only to feel a sharp pain. I stopped chewing for a moment and did that little trick where you use your tongue to inspect the contents of your mouth, and sure enough, there was a foreign object in my French bread. Before I could say the words, "One Tough Lawyer", I ejected the object from my mouth into my hand to find that it was not part of the tasty and chewy hot French bread, but rather, a sizable portion of my tooth and filling that was holding said tooth together.
Quickly dismissing any thoughts of sudden wealth via the legal system, I wrapped the tooth chunk into a small napkin for later review and continued eating, though very delicately I must report.

Tuesday morning, I was able to call my regular dentist and get a same day appointment for a little inspection of the damaged area. Long story short, my dentist tells me, "you know the drill" (no pun intended, I'm sure) "let's numb you up, get things cleaned up and put a temporary crown on it." Yes, I do know the drill having had a couple of crowns installed less than 3 months ago. Perhaps I should just buy this guy a car and we can call it even.
This morning, I got up and honestly, it feels as though six people have been pulling and pushing on my jaw. The local anesthetic is good. It makes you not realize how really painful things are at the moment, and that makes the dentist work easier without worrying about whether or not you are in pain. But he knows. Later, you'll be at home with a huge headache and ringing in your ears, but of course, he'll be sipping martinis on the veranda looking over yacht brochures.

Oh, and to top things off; I totally forgot to put the tooth under my pillow last night, so now, I'm out at least a buck or two.

How much does the Tooth Fairy give you for a tooth? Tell me about it.

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Connie Michael said...

STOP, My sides are hurting from laughing. If you don't write for a living, you should.

Connie Michael

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