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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ceiling Update: Half Way There

The thought of doing Sheetrock just makes my knees hurt. But I am by nature, one cheap bastard. Therefore, yesterday afternoon, prior to the expected downpour, I ran over to Home Depot to grab a piece of Sheetrock. Good move.

Today, during what appeared to be a torrential downpour of Global Warming proportions - in other words, it could happen anytime really, but I want you to get the idea that it was really, really, really raining badly - I went back to Home Depot and bought several more essential items for the task.

Just a quick point about people at Home Depot in a rainy situation. I fully understand that it was raining and I'm sure that you parked under the covered "Loading Only" driveway because you intended to load yourself into your car once you made the big gallon of paint purchase, but seriously, do you have to park your car so that nobody can get in behind you or around you? Never mind; it just isn't worth explaining.

Okay, so I came home, and the following pictures show the progress to date.
You can see I added a few planks of wood in the hole just to have some additional places to screw the new Sheetrock into.
And there is the new piece in place.
Notice how I removed some of the existing acoustic ceiling "popcorn" from the edge? This is so I can float out my crappy edge.
And this is the first of several coats of mud I'll put on it, trying to make it smooth. I'll sand too. That ought to make a nice picture - me all dusty.

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