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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Lunch Report: Sunday Lunch with my Mother-in-Law

Lest you think that all my wife and I do is go from one eatery to the next, forking out hard earned cash to consume vittles simply for the entertainment of having onlookers observe us as I snap picture after picture, reflecting the before, during and, well, prior to desert portions of our meals, I thought I should let you know that we also enjoy a good home cooked meal from time to time.

So with some excitement this morning, we went along with our Sunday morning activities - me finishing up the lawn that I had started earlier, and my wife reading the paper and doing odds and ends. But we both refrained from grabbing breakfast in anticipation of what was to come around noonish; my mother-in-law would unveil a beautiful brisket, just from the oven as her beans simmered waiting to hit the plates, and the rice would still have steam rising in the air as we would anxiously wait for the next tortilla to come off the griddle.

With stomachs rumbling, we made our way to the smell of goodness, no doubt passing many lessor appreciated Sunday lunches produced by well intentioned mothers-in-law of all types, until we arrived at the source of the brisket coming from the oven, conveniently installed on the back patio to allow heat to remain outside, and to permit jealous neighbors, vagabonds and passers by a fragrant whiff of what was about to end up in my tummy!

Sadly for you dear readers, the Internet does not allow me to convey the beauty of the scent of this magnificent ensemble. A picture and these important words will have to suffice. Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm Mmmm - That was a Tasty Treat!


Sid said...

That can't be Eva's mother in the photo! She looks young enough to be Eva's sister.

Those MUST be some kind of magical beans grown by Ponce De Leon she cooks up...simmered in water from the Fountain of Youth.

Dave said...


You sound VERY hungry!

But my mother-in-law will be flattered by such kind remarks. I trust you have a microwave in that kitchen of yours...

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