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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Developers Advice Update: A New Church...

You may recall back in mid-July, I offered free advice to developers on two locations where they could make some big bucks. Well, I have an update on one of the locations.

At the corner of Timber Path and Grissom where you have Stacy's Sports Bar on one side and Speedway Sports Bar on the other, I have learned that a church of some sort has purchased the large end part of the building that used to be Coyote's. My suggestion was a Peter Piper Pizza, but I guess a church will do. A lady standing out front did tell me the name of the church, something to do with flowing river or something like that, but I couldn't catch it and she was on a cell call so I didn't want to bother her.

I think this church will make a great addition to the strip center, but I hope that a year from now, they don't forget that they purchased property in between two heavily used bars and in front of a graffiti filled skate park. I wish them luck in their mission.

I still don't have a lock on the other location. I had suggested a Starbucks in front of HEB at the corner of Tezel/Grissom/Culebra, but whatever it is going to be, has not posted a sign or permits. I drove by this morning with the intention of asking a worker, but there was no workers, just a fresh slab.

If you know what the business is, tell me about it - my wife is dying to know!

UPDATE: Reader Rick e-mailed me to advise that he stopped and asked workers who were laying the slab shown here, and they say it is going to be a Chase Bank. Sorry Starbucks fans. Nobody ever takes my advice!

UPDATE2: Reader Gus reports that he was told that the guys laying the slab were putting in a Wells Fargo Bank! Do you suppose the construction workers are trying to mess with us all? At this rate, it just may end up being a Starbucks!

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Anonymous said...

Just what we need...another freakin' bank around here. Why can't we get more unique restaurants, like Tiago's over at 151/410? I thought we had one in Cabo, but they're more interested in being a nightclub than a restaurant.

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