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Monday, August 6, 2007

Getting Ready for National Night Out...

Against my better judgment, we have placed the official National Night Out banner thing in front of our house this evening so as to remind the neighbors of tomorrow evening's big event. It seemed pretty windy and even a threat of rain in the air.

On the off chance
(thinking positive) that it does rain, the GNW Lodge will be open for all the neighborhood block parties to gather in there.

Let's hope that isn't needed.


Lee said...

Hey Dave, NOAA doesn't think it will rain today, but being a weather forecaster is the only job where you can be wrong more than half the time and still get a raise, right?

A full list of all the block parties being held in the Great Northwest (all 14 of them) can be found on-line of course at the http://www.greatnorthwest.org website. The scrolling news area at the top of the page will display a list of known locations, with hyper links to a google map showing you where it is.

Of course, in your case, you already knew where your party would be, without the need to resort to a map, right?

Dave said...

This year's NNO rocked! We had a great time and I'll tell more about it with pictures tomorrow!

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