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Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Report: A Few Notes...

So, I need only post a picture and you know the drill. Chili's House Salad with Ranch, a bowl of the Terlingua Chili, and some unsweetened Iced Tea. The trick is that you have to get there by 5PM on a Friday or you will be waiting in line. Don't make that mistake unless you are a glutton for punishment.

After that, we ran into the HEB right next door to grab a few needed supplies (some limes and lemons for the ribs I'm cooking tomorrow) and my wife decided to try an Eco-Friendly approach to shopping by purchasing one of these canvas shopping bags. What a great idea. Now, if we could only train ourselves to bring it with us the next time we go shopping.

Finally, somebody has to know the story on this guy. I have seen him drive up and down Culebra for several years. The top of the truck is full of lights and antenna's (or antenni I guess) and it has some warning about staying back. When I first started seeing this guy, he had even more information plastered on the back window of the camper - stuff about having cameras mounted so as to be able to get the license plates of tailgater's and warnings about calling a direct line to the police if you dare tailgate him. Hey, nobody likes road rage, but geeze, could you make yourself a bigger target for some liquored up hick who wants a little trouble?

If you are this guy or know his story, tell me about it. I'm just curious since I see him so often (of course, how can you miss him?).

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