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Monday, August 27, 2007

Weather Report: Something is in the Air

I can tell you without hesitation that we are approaching a very brief time of the year that I love. I am no fan of cold weather, I dislike the heavy winds, and though I can tolerate the heat like most other Texans, I accept an air conditioned vehicle and home as the norm. So when I set foot out on my back deck this morning to let the dogs wander around a bit, I was pleasantly surprised at the nice breeze sending a hint of a chill across my wife's recently tiled patio.

Of course, the sun would rise soon and it wouldn't matter to me because I would be inside my windowless, air conditioned office before any real heat got going, but aside from that, it was nice,and I could feel the movement of the air and all the pleasurable smells and excitement that brings.

I should also tell you that I was feeling some severe pain to the left eye. It might have been from an errant elbow thrown by my wife sometime during the night as she tossed and turned in response to my constant moving from side to side. We both were suffering from what the people at WOAI-TV reported to be an outbreak of Sinusitis and Pink Eye. We couldn't be happy with one outbreak in our house, we had to catch every current ailment making the rounds.

I thought of making an appointment to have my eye looked at but to be honest, I figured the Internet could find a cure for me. When I went to shower, I cleared out some disturbing goo which had hardened overnight, and suddenly, felt a lot better than I looked.

By the time I was at work and looking on the Internet for my next move, it was clear that what I needed was some coffee and a nice cold compress on my left eye.

I overheard several other people in the break area discuss their sinus and allergy problems and one guy suggested that this was all a result of the heavy rains we sustained over the last month. The theory was that the rain had caused an advanced growth of unnamed spores while the lack of sunshine to heat up the area failed to kill them off sufficiently. The result, my wife's sinus problem and my pink eye.

That was all I needed to know. No doctor visit needed.

And this evening as I walked the dogs out onto the back patio and the sun started to set, I could feel the cool breeze roll in and literally snatch the pink from my eye and carry it off to some unsuspecting neighbor enjoying the cool breeze during the nicest part of the year on his patio.

Sorry about that, neighbor.

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