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Friday, August 17, 2007

HOA Meeting Report: My Notes... or Lack Thereof.

These will be some short notes from the most recent meeting of the Board of Directors of the Great Northwest Community Improvement Association. Turns out in all the excitement of the rain and my little ceiling repair, I drove right by the lodge and failed to connect the dots that yesterday was the third Thursday of the month.

So, I am sad to report that I did not attend and therefore have no notes to report.

But the strangest thing happened last night. My ears were burning I tell you. Something in the back of my mind kept telling me that there was someplace I should be - someplace where I could provide a positive influence on the ability of people to get along amongst themselves, without so much as saying a word.

Or maybe it was indigestion.

What would be nice though is that if any of the many residents I'm sure attended the meeting in my place would step forward with some notes, or if any of the members of the Board would like to fill me in on any antics worth reporting, I'd appreciate it. You know, the comments section is open to all of you, even members of the Board of Directors...

I hope to see you all at the next meeting.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, antics you say...

Well I have it on good authority that the Board Chairman had a styrofoam coffee cup with the bottom cut out, and the words "Wireless microphone system" written on the side.  Said it was a proto-type model obtained from a possible low bidder for a new system in the Lodge.

The Board appointed someone to fill a vacancy on the Architectural Control Committee (ACC)which over sees requests by owners to make changes to the outsides / front of their house or property.  There are 5 volunteer members on this committee which works closely with DRACO.

The Board approved minutes for the first half of the year, or more, up thru the end of July 2007, except for one special meeting (overlooked by accident)in June.  That oversight will be corrected on 9/6, along with hopefully the approval of the minutes taken in August meetings.  Copies of board meeting minutes (other than closed sessions) is available for reading by any GNW member as per the bylaws.

The Board learned that our maintenance department's mowers don't float on water, thus high flood waters and resulting soggy muddy grounds seem to slow down their ability to cut the grass on schedule, especially back in the flood zone / green belt areas...
See http://greatnorthwest.org/Images/20070703_flooding_BehindLodge_sm.jpg

The Board learned that Saturday's events (8/18) would be moved closer to the Silver Creek Lodge and Pool to provide (a) shade in the event of too much sun, or (b) shelter in the event of too much rain. Both events will happen as scheduled regardless of the weather...

The Board learned that it will cost us about $7-8k to have the same auditors return later this year to perform a mini-audit of our books (first 6 months of 2007), but they can't return until late October, which is only about 4 months faster than waiting until the full 12 month audit which would be first part of February 2008. (Costing us another $9k at that time.) Question was raised by Chairman Besing about spending or saving the $7-8k this year since the year would already be mostly over by the time they could audit and present results, and then have to return a couple of months later to do it again (and charge us again.)  No decision announced by the Board yet...

The Board said they were still searching for / interviewing possible candidates for the Community Manager position...

And the Board learned that only 3 residents chose to brave the (again) rainy weather to attend Thursday's open board meeting, and some board members really missed not having them there to cheer us along.

Dave said...

Wow, the anonymous tipsters sure do have a lot of insight as to what goes on at the meetings! Great notes - thanks!

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