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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ceiling Update: Because You Know you Want to See it...

So here it is, the final product. I should tell you, I'm very critical of things looking like they should, but even here, I'm gonna have to say - not bad and leave it at that.

From where we left off, I sanded (not fun at all) some of the rough edges from my first coat of mud and then added another coat to fill some gaps and such. You can see the area is completely sealed off by plastic sheeting.
The truth is, assuming you have the equipment, spraying the new ceiling is about a 3 or 4 minute job. It is the several hours of prep work that take the time.

Here it is just sprayed about 20 minutes earlier and you can see how wet the area still is...
And here you can see it is slowly drying but the edges are still pretty wet.
And above here, you can still see a little edge - which is what makes me nervous.
But this morning when I walked into the room, it didn't jump out and yell - holy crap - and my wife hasn't complained, so I guess that makes it done!

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