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Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Post Interview Report...

No, not a job interview. A local writer is doing some work related to his Master's degree program and sought the assistance of several local bloggers to be interviewed for the project. While some went the route of answering a questionnaire via e-mail, I agreed to a face to face interview. It was actually pretty enlightening for me since I wasn't fully clear on what type of information was needed.

We met at the GNW Library and the interview took place in a small sound-proof (I hope, anyway) room. Patrick, the writer, recorded our conversation so I wouldn't be able to deny any of the evidence later. Or perhaps, he could tell from my blog that I am fairly long-winded, and there would be no way to keep up with me in the form of notes. Either way, we (mostly me) talked for just over an hour and a half. Geeze. My wife is right. I do take the long way around a barn.

A lot of the questions were centered on the "why" aspect of blogging, and whether or not I think I provide anything like a benefit to anyone. Good question really. I hope at minimum a few folks are somewhat entertained or at least informed from time to time.

Another part of the discussion talked about blogging versus traditional newspapers. I enjoyed that quite a bit. I certainly don't consider my blog a source of news per se, but I cover backwards driving vehicles and fashion tips for my neighborhood a lot better than the Express-News.

Anyway, the whole thing was a lot of fun and I hope the information and, dare I say it, insight that I provided will be of some use to the project.

Patrick has another project he is working on, and you can check it out here.

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