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Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Call From Anna...

Yesterday afternoon I received a phone call from Anna Caballero, you may recall that she is one of the handful of candidates seeking to replace Delicious Herrera in the SA District 6 Council seat. She called to say she enjoyed reading the blog post I made regarding her announcement at OPMP a while back.

In that note, I made mention of her web page and the fact that on her list of issues, tagging and graffiti had not surfaced. We discussed this and she tells me that she is working to update that and let people know of her strong desire to rid SA of this problem. I'll look forward to seeing what ideas she has. I suspect, during our association's meet the candidates night on April 6, tagging will be a topic.

Speaking of: Yesterday was quite a day with my presentation to the SA Graffiti Task Force followed by a much briefer performance at our monthly GNWatch meeting. We were given twenty minutes at the beginning of the meeting to just present a few thoughts and I finally shut-up (if only briefly) an hour later. I shan't go into the specifics of the meeting for obvious reasons, but suffice it to say, we left a few dropped jaws with the slides put up on the screen. On the way out the door, the Deputy Chief of SAPD had some very specific messages to take back to our community which I will convey in our local newspaper, Passages.

You'd think I was some sort of community organizer. Isn't that how Mr. Obama got started? Well, that and the Harvard degree...


Anonymous said...


Speaking of graffiti. I drove by the Oscar perez park the other day---and was simply amazed at the amount of graffiti in and around the park. Especially on the long wall off the entrance.

Braun Station West

Dave said...

Yea. I'll be out there this Saturday with folks doing an A-Team project, and a few of us will slip away and cover the mess.

I used to be amazed; I got over that a year ago.

Hyrum said...

Are your slides available?

michi66 at byu dot net

Albatross said...

What if Sheila McNeil moved into Oscar Perez Park? You can be sure it would be cleaned up then.

Dave said...

That would get my vote...

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Dude, I would sooooo vote for you. You need a campaign manager? I'm available!!
I am behind in my commenting but I have been reading your blog. I'm having to have a little Chemotherapy right now but it's all good!!
Lovin your blog "Dude".....
Wishing you a weekend filled with much love joy and laughter and.....

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Dave said...

Dude, I would sooooo vote for you.

Please: No votes for me! Your continued reading of my more and more infrequent blog posts are support enough!

You on the other hand... I hope all is well with your chemo and such. We will be sending happy thoughts your direction!

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