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Friday, March 13, 2009

Dinner Report: Texas Ribs & BBQ, Clinton, MD...

A quick dinner report from regular reader Anon E. Mouse who is in D.C. at the moment. Lee sends some pictures from a place called Texas Ribs & BBQ.Just south of D.C. in Clinton, MD, things are looking mighty lip smackin' good! Look at the size of those shrimp!

Got some vittles I need to see? Send me a picture and the name of the place you were doin' yer eatin' at. Pictures of the food in the upright and locked position works better than sideways, but we'll make do!


Anonymous said...

yes that trbbq has quite the mouthwatering,fingerlicking,lipsmacking big man portions,you got to go

Anon E. Mouse said...

...and I didn't finish my portion off. Mine was the Texas Chili Mac, Chili & peppers, on bed of spagetti noodles, with Texas toast, etc. Portion too large to eat all of it, but they did warn me and I just didn't understand how big it would be. Staying @ a hotel, so no doggy bag for me.

Lady next to me had that big baked sweet potato, the others were teasing her about a game of football using that potato. She took it home with her, saying it would be lunch the next day.

Full name of place was Texas Steak & BBQ. They had a bar inside, plus family restaurant area. Very busy, and lots of local cops dining there, which tells you something just seeing 4-5 police cars parked outside without the swat team swarming around.

I'm back over at the BWI airport now, but got bumped from my flight due to over booking. I volunteered when they said 3 military folks were traveling together and needed to be on this flight. So I packed up and got off the plane to collect my flight voucher and new tickets to fly out this evening instead. Will explore the airport a while and use my Sprint aircard to access the Internet like I'm doing now, or watch some movies loaded on my computer.

Maybe I'll find a new place to report, but my digital camera was in my luggage, so I'll have to use my cell phone like I did for the meal photos above.

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